The Steps to Create Your “Wall Portrait”

The fun, the excitement and the creativity that result in your unique Shannon McMahan Designer portrait

  1. Visit Shannon in her gallery/studio and experience the artistry and quality of her creations – all are completed commissions.
  2. Shannon will visit you in your home, to learn about you and your lifestyle and to experience the setting for the finished work of art
  3. Together you will design a theme and identify the location, the clothing and the props for your art that will capture the memory or message, which make this portrait uniquely yours.
  4. Hurray! The portrait session day! We will spend whatever time it takes to capture the moment we seek to preserve.
  5. Shannon casts her artist’s eye over all the images and selects those she believes best convey the story you wish to tell.
  6. Shannon will share her selections in the privacy of her studio, and together you will choose the art, which will soon adorn your home.
  7. A renowned custom photographic laboratory will create the highest quality portrait possible: a work of art you will be proud to display.
  8. A designer picture framer will enhance your portrait with custom framing, which compliments the image.
  9. The unveiling… Shannon will personally deliver your beautiful portrait by commission and assist you in displaying it.
  10. Sit back, relax and relive the experience, the memories, the joy, the fun, the love, as your Shannon McMahan Designer Portrait takes your breath away!